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2005, h. app. 45 cm, thrown & altered stoneware, one off sculptures + a limited edition *

Terrarist, a clever wordplay for a subversive work by Hugo Meert. He has overturned the problems of expectations for ceramics for years and uses this medium for objects that send the medium in the direction of art. This new work is simultaneously disarming and ironic – the hammer –‘terror’ and scourge of the ceramicist strikes in the heart of the modeling. Earthenware is scaled along the glossy sides and is destroyed in a play-mobile guerrilla in its fragility. Vulnerable beauty as the ultimate weapon is represented in the work as an almost active reality. Text Luk Lambrecht

* ©Terrarist Vase, an edition by “Attese Edizione”, Albisola-Savona (I) developed for the “Biennale Di Ceramica Nell”Arte Contemporanea”

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